Capture Your Moment and Earn Store Credit!

Capture Your Moment and Earn Store Credit!

We're thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for our valued customers. Share your special moment with us and get rewarded! If you're gifting one of our rings to someone special, capture the unveiling and the genuine reaction on video, and you could earn a $50 store credit for your next purchase.

Here's How It Works:

1. Record Your moment: Capture the presentation of our ring and the authentic reaction that follows. We're looking for high-quality videos that showcase genuine emotions and those heartfelt, organic moments.

2. Submission Guidelines:
- Video Quality: Ensure your video is well-lit, with clear audio.
- Genuine Emotion: We love to see real, unscripted joy and surprise.
- Organic Setting: Natural settings and reactions are what we're after. No need for scripts; just let the moment unfold.

3. Share Your Video: Submit your video to us using our email at Make sure your submission includes your contact information so we can reward you if your video meets our criteria.

What Makes a Video Eligible?

you agree to permit us to use it for our social stories & marketing purposes. This helps share the joy of your special moment with our community.

 Quality Control:

Our team will review each video submission. If your video captures that perfect blend of quality, authenticity, and emotion, we'll reach out to you with your $50 store credit and details on how your video will be featured.

Feedback and Engagement:

Not all videos will meet the criteria, but we appreciate every submission. We may provide feedback for videos that are close to what we're looking for, offering you a chance to capture another moment!

Spread the Word:

We can't wait to see your special moments. Start recording and share your story with us. It's not just about earning store credit; it's about sharing the joy and beauty of genuine connections.

For any questions or further details, please contact us at